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Camp Philippines


3 Weeks

Runs from

June – August


£999 / $1300


You’re invited to a party in paradise! A sun-laden haven set in the tropics of the Western Pacific; Camp Castaway Philippines is arguably our most exclusive Camp, with just sixty places available in this Camp splitting at the seams with sunshine and beauty.

Partake in initiatives within the local community and contribute to the maintenance of this sublime section of South East Asia. During your time in the Philippines, teach English to local children in an effort to enhance their future prospects; young children currently have no access to a high-quality education and we like to do what we can to contribute wherever possible.

Leave the tourist trail behind and unearth the exquisite underbelly of the Philippines, with wonderful wildlife and stunning sea life sprinkled in amongst the terrain. With a free-flowing itinerary in operation, this enhances the experience of our applicants, with activities planned around daily circumstances – rain rears its head? No problem! We’ll head to the mainland for a day of activities. Conversely, when the sun shines, we’ll embark on a fully-fledged castaway experience!

Come rain or shine, our applicants will be given all-star treatment during their stay, with a visit to Sabong Underground River, one of the world’s seven wonders on the agenda, as well as an excursion to Palawan, a heavenly island adjudged to be the best island on the planet for three successive years.

Get to grips with this untouched paradise with Camp Castaway Philippines!



“Camp Castaway Philippines was so good! The true island life style is great for those who want to get back to the simple life and have an amazing time.”


“This was so worth it! The little pig on the island was so cool and we made so many memories that will last a lifetime.”


“This was truly the best experience of my life! The staff were so good and totally made the trip. We got to do so much and visit all these beautiful places I would never have found if I just went on holiday.”

What's Included
  • Airport pick up
  • All in country transport and transfers, including a return domestic flight from Cebu to Palawan
  • Accommodation
  • Activities specified in your itinerary; Underground River trip, Island Hopping, The Castaway Experience Experience, kayaking etc.
  • Volunteering Placement
  • A free Camp Castaway Philippines T shirt
  • In country support
  • A free sun tan (Unless you use factor 50)
What's Not Included
  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses while at Camp (food, drink, souvenirs and general daily living costs)
  • Vaccinations (most free on the NHS)
    Extra excursions you may wish to get involved. We offer included activities at all our Camps. However, on your free days there are sometimes extras you can do which our reps are always happy to help arrange. These never usually cost more than £5- £15($10-$20) and are completely optional.
  • DBS Criminal Background Check £48.86(UK Only)


What can you expect at your time with your Camp Castaway Philippines Adventure?


  • Visit one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, Sabang Underground River
  • Island Hop around Bacuit archipelago and the insanely beautiful surrounding Islands
  • Our legendary Castaway Experience is what we are known for; you’ll Camp on your own private beach on a remote Island! Our own private paradise, with snorkeling, reefs opposite the beach, palm trees and hammocks.
  • Beach Parties
  • Kayaking
  • Visit Cebu, Moalboal, Palawan, Puerto Princesa, Honda Bay, Sabang, El Nido, Daraccotton Island, Nacpan Beach.
  • Snorkeling… lots of snorkeling!
  • Island Hopping
  • Beach Bonfires
  • Volleyball Competitions
  • Island Survival Skills
  • Fishing
  • Viewpoint Hike

Making An Impact

During your placement you will be involved in making a positive impact within local communities. You will be helping to teach English to local children, in areas where they currently have no access.

A lot of local children do not go to school. By making education fun and interactive, we create a positive learning environment where we engage with the kids, resulting in them wanting to come to school. You’ll be getting hands on and meeting as many locals as possible; not only that but you may also get involved in some coral restoration and clean ups, island restoration and anything else that is needed in the local area at the time of your trip.

Free Flowing Itinerary

Camp Castaway Philippines is a Camp like no other you’ve seen before.

The reason we have no set itinerary is because we believe this heightens the experience and makes it more enjoyable. We take lots into account, such as the weather, the local community and activities. By doing so it means we can ensure you’re getting the most out of each day. For example, say it rains for a day or two, then we may be on the mainland doing alternative activities rather than embarking on the Castaway Experience. This is why we’re looking for adventurers. The type of person who can wake up each day with a sense of wonder and get fully stuck into what our guides have arranged. We’re committed to giving you the best experience possible and if you’re an adventurer then we would LOVE you to join us, because this really will be an experience like no other!


During the program we stay in varied accommodation. When on the mainland we’ll be staying in basic hut or hotel style accommodation. On average it’s usually 4 to a room and has all the basic amenities you need; private bathroom and shower.

Most of the time there’s wifi access but it’s not always reliable. You can bring an unlocked phone and get a local sim card for more reliable internet access. When on the Castaway Experience we’ll be staying in tent or hammock style accommodation, with a shared toilet and showers. This will be very basic Island living, so don’t expect wifi or electricity, as this is part of the fun and experience that we’ll be undertaking.


Something to Consider – We’re Looking For Adventurers!

Camp Castaway Philippines is not a typical idea of a holiday and it’s not always relaxing; at times you may find yourself in testing circumstances, as you would when experiencing any new culture. That’s why it’s the Camp Castaway Philippines Adventure! There may be bad weather, rain, mosquitos, long journeys, limited privacy, slow or non existent, Wi-Fi and limited food options.

We thoroughly enjoy stepping out of the comfort zone, embracing new cultures and learning how people live in other countries! Every year, we have a fantastic time, as have thousands of previous Camp.co.uk attendees. Though we personally love the experience, we realise that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. As such, prior to your application, please make sure that you understand that this is a cultural Island, off the beaten track experience, not a luxury holiday; our aim is to make a positive impact in the community – this is a product of hard work and dedication!

While we cannot guarantee that you will have a relaxing time, we fully recommend that you come to Camp Castaway Philippines with a sense of adventure and a willingness to embrace the experience – ultimately, there is only one person who will dictate how much you enjoy Camp and that’s you! We provide the setup and infrastructure for you to have a genuinely incredible time that many would love to be involved with; the rest of the package comes from you and your commitment to the cause.

It’s no coincidence that our best participants on the program immerse themselves in the activities each day; if you work with passion, your enthusiasm will not only be appreciated by us here at Camp Castaway Philippines, but the locals who you are helping will be grateful for your help. We present the opportunity to partake in some of the most unbelievable life experiences, including teaching in communities in local schools and getting up close & personal The Philippines marine life, while making friends for life.

We guess the question now… is Camp Castaway Philippines for you?! Apply Now


Will there be Wifi?

Yes you will. There’s WIFI available at almost all bars, accommodations and restaurants. However, please be aware that you are in South East Asia and sometimes the WIFI may be slow! If you want consistently reliable WIFI we recommend bringing an unlocked smart phone and getting a local sim card. Data packages can be purchased reasonably cheap.

Can I come with a friend?

If you come alone, you’re guaranteed to leave with friends. Most our participants do come alone so most people will be in the same boat as you; looking to have an amazing time and to meet other people. A few months before you depart we also make a Facebook group which we’ll add you into, so you’ll get the chance to chat in there before you arrive. If you do want to come with friends, that’s completely fine too. Why not check our our “Refer A Friend” scheme? You could save £50/$70 off your program fees for each friend you bring!

Spending Money

It’s difficult to give an exact figure for this question as it really does change from person to person, depending upon how much of a baller you are! We usually say around £99-150/$120-$170 per week. However you can spend less. The Philippines is fairly cheap. However, if you do lots of extra excursions on your free time, have cocktails most nights and go out a lot, you will obviously spend a bit more.

Available Dates

  • 15th May 2020 – 5th June 2020 (Full)
  • 19th June 2020 – 10th July 2020

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