Camp Philippines is like no other Camp you’ve seen so far!

Choose Camp Castaway Philippines because we are set in the paradise of Palawan; we do things differently and are looking for people to join us who truly have a sense of adventure!

We don’t stick to a set itinerary as our trusted local co-ordinators and reps decide in what order to run on a group by group basis so we can cater for as much or as little as you want, ensuring that everyone has their own unique experience that fulfils both an individual and a group’s wishes!

Being in paradise, things are a lot more laid back. Our coordinators are experts in providing amazing experiences in the Philippines and have done so in many other Camp locations around the word, so trust our abilities, go with the flow and you’re in for a trip of a lifetime!

What can you expect at your time with your Camp Castaway Philippines Adventure?


Visit one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, Sabang Underground River

Island Hop around Bacuit archipelago and the insanely beautiful surrounding Islands

Our legendary Castaway Experience is what we are known for; you’ll Camp on your own private beach on a remote Island! Our own private paradise, with snorkeling, reefs opposite the beach, palm trees and hammocks.

Beach Parties


Visit Cebu, Moalboal, Palawan, Puerto Princesa, Honda Bay, Sabang, El Nido, Daraccotton Island, Nacpan Beach.

Snorkeling… lots of snorkeling!

Island Hopping

Beach Bonfires

Volleyball Competitions

Island Survival Skills


Viewpoint Hike

Making An Impact:

During your placement you will be involved in making a positive impact within local communities. You will be helping to teach English to local children, in areas where they currently have no access.

A lot of local children do not go to school. By making education fun and interactive, we create a positive learning environment where we engage with the kids, resulting in them wanting to come to school. You’ll be getting hands on and meeting as many locals as possible; not only that but you may also get involved in some coral restoration and clean ups, island restoration and anything else that is needed in the local area at the time of your trip.

Free Flowing Itinerary 

Camp Castaway Philippines is a Camp like no other you’ve seen before.

The reason we have no set itinerary is because we believe this heightens the experience and makes it more enjoyable. We take lots into account, such as the weather, the local community and activities. By doing so it means we can ensure you’re getting the most out of each day. For example, say it rains for a day or two, then we may be on the mainland doing alternative activities rather than embarking on the Castaway Experience. This is why we’re looking for adventurers. The type of person who can wake up each day with a sense of wonder and get fully stuck into what our guides have arranged. We’re committed to giving you the best experience possible and if you’re an adventurer then we would LOVE you to join us, because this really will be an experience like no other!


During the program we stay in varied accommodation. When on the mainland we’ll be staying in basic hut or hotel style accommodation. On average it’s usually 4 to a room and has all the basic amenities you need; private bathroom and shower.

Most of the time there’s wifi access but it’s not always reliable. You can bring an unlocked phone and get a local sim card for more reliable internet access. When on the Castaway Experience we’ll be staying in tent or hammock style accommodation, with a shared toilet and showers. This will be very basic Island living, so don’t expect wifi or electricity, as this is part of the fun and experience that we’ll be undertaking.

Planning Camp Philippines for 2020?

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