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Summer Camp Castaway Philippines!

You are invited to teach English and party in paradise!

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Summer Camp Castaway Philippines 2019

You are invited to teach English and party in paradise!

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Welcome to Camp Castaway Philippines!

Welcome to our New and Exclusive Camp Location… Camp Castaway Philippines!

Choose us because we are committed to offering the ultimate Phlippines package in which you party hard and make a positive impact in paradise!

Here at Camp Philippines, we turn your Castaway dream into an exciting reality by not only offering incredible experiences, but moments that last a lifetime and friends that will be with you forever.

With only 60 places available Camp Castaway Philippines is truly one of the World’s Most Exclusive Summer Camp.

Our awesome team have all worked at Camps around the world and have many years of experience in helping people have that ultimate experience.

Choose Camp Philippines because…


Make a positive impact to local Island Communities !

Paradise & Nature

Voted the worlds best island, Palawan is an untouched paradise. Not only that but stay on your own private beach on a local island!


Get off the tourist trail and visit untouched areas of the Philippines! Visit two of the Philippines best locations, Cebu and Palawan!

Snorkelling & Wildlife

Experience the wonders of the Philippines tropical reefs and get up close to it’s amazing tropical fish


Get involved in some incredible activities

About Camp Philippines

Why Camp Castaway Philippines?

Camp Castaway Philippines is located in one of the most beautiful places and it was actually named the worlds best island, Palawan!

Known for being an untouched paradise, this really is an adventurers playground!

This ultimate Camp experience takes you to Cebu and Palawan, explored some of the best places the Philippines has to offer.

A Summer In Paradise!

We have an incredible program lined up. You can give back and make a positive impact to local Island communities, while getting involved in some of the best activities The Philippines has to offer.

Get off the tourist trail and explore untouched beaches and hidden waterfalls. Island hop your way around some of the worlds most beautiful islands and not to mention, stay on a remote island with your own private beach during your Castaway Experience.

Sleep under the stars with your new friends!

Come And Join Us…

So, If a summer of sun, new friends, unbelievable experiences and unforgettable memories is your idea of fun then you need to come to Camp Castaway Philippines! Get out of Europe! Get out of your comfort zone! Come and do Camp Castaway Philippines!

Don’t forget… if you’re ever knocking around Manchester, don’t forget to pop into our office! We have a Foosball table and #FreeBiscuits, so come and join us for a game and a cuppa!

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